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Brand new from factory, in original box.Never refurbished.

Oneplus 5T 128GB 8GB Ram (International Version) Sim Free / UnlockedFaster shipping - receive your shippment as fast as 3 days

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Oneplus 5T 128GB 8GB Ram (International Version) Sim Free / Unlocked
Gadget 1000+ free shipping Faster shipping - receive your shippment as fast as 3 days

Regular Price: £499.00

Special Price £469.00

Unlocked, full English Oxygen OS with Google store and apps.



Special Price £469.00

Special Price £469.00

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In what way is the international version different from the UK version? Is the warranty valid for OnePlus support in the UK?
Should be the same rom as UK.
12 months warranty covered by us.
WondaMobile answered on 31 January 2018
If something goes wrong with the phone where will it need to be shipped for warranty?
Have to send back to Hong Kong for warranty
WondaMobile answered on 4 March 2018
What comes inside the box without the extra usb options? Does it come with the 2 leg port and usb cable too?
It comes with the 2 leg charger and USB cable
WondaMobile answered on 23 February 2018
When shipping to the UK will this have a UK charger. I would not want to use an adaptor.
Sorry, it original comes with 2 flat legs charger, and we will ship with adapter
WondaMobile answered on 30 January 2018
I subscribed to newsletter, but not code vocher...
Will send you the code through email
WondaMobile answered on 1 February 2018
Vendete e spedite in Italia ? Grazie
Sì, spediamo in Italia
WondaMobile answered on 15 December 2017

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