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Hi There, Have a few questions for S21 Ultra snapdragon. 1. How many days it take to ship to UAE. 2. Will samsung pay work in UAE. 3. Will 5g work in UAE. 4. If I return the phone under warranty will wonda mobile bear shipping charges for sending and receiving. 5. What is refund Policy. 6. Is the brand new sealed packed, never opened? 7. Will there will custom charges when delivering to UAE ? 8. Will esim work in UAE ? IF yes than does it means S21 Ultra works on triple sim or dual sim. Regards

1, Standard shipping 12-15 days, Express 6-8 days

2, No.

3, Yes

4, Yes

5, https://www.wondamobile.com/return-and-exchange

6, Yes, sealed

7, No

8, No



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